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Life Look Like THIS?

Reserve a RAGE room NOW!

Throw toys, clothes, dolls, dishes, and more! Break all you can ... and RELEASE the stress! The kids do not have to win! 

You can have photos place on the walls for targets.

Customize the room to encourage your anger. Take it all out on tangible, breakable, and unwanted items.

Make a huge mess and walk away!


Sick of all the Yelling and Fighting?

Reserve 2 Rooms for Marriage Counselling!

Each person has their own room - Yell, Scream, Cuss, Break Stuff, Argue and Get it all out into the Open! Instead of Taking it out on each other and having to walk away, BREAK SOMETHING!

Insert photos of in-laws, ex-spouses, neighbors, --- anything that you are angry about and cannot seem to get rid of! Turn the music up and RAGE ON!


Stressed at Work? Tired of Politics?

Reserve a customized room today!

Put the Boss's Picture on the wall and use darts or fine china or wine glasses to destroy them.

Have a customized political room to get out all those frustrations!

Yell, Scream, BREAK STUFF! Turn on the RAGE!


Tsunami - Information

All About Tsunami

Welcome to our Extreme Entertainment in Humble Market! Yes, it is for Kids TOO!

Reasons for Rage or Anger:

Loss of Control - Rejection - Hurt - Betrayal - Failure - Disappointment - Frustration - Money - Stupid People - Out of Control Children - Loss - Jealousy - Lies - Embarrassment 

At Tsumani, we cater to your type of anger.  This could be geared in several different ways. Every person deals with life in different ways and have different BUTTONS that are pushed regularly that cause stress, anger, and unhappiness.

You do have choices here at Tsunami  - Our Rage Room in Humble - because we want you to leave with a feeling of release.

Enter a room of our choice. Just a simple room full of all kind of items that you can tear, rip, throw, break, smash, and crush. Make a huge mess, release some rage, and have someone else clean it up and replace it.

Customize your room with photos on the walls of things or people that you want to annihilate, eliminate, eradicate, wipe out, demolish, ... You get the point.  - In this instance, you would send us the photos and we can set up the room prior to your arrival.

Themed Room - Wanna destroy Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Mickey Mouse, A Vampire, A Zombie, Your Mother In-Law, that pesky dog down the street? These themes are coming soon to the rage room! Let us know who or what you want to destroy and we will see if we can make it happen!

Want to use weapons? We can make that happen as well. This is a different kind of Rage Room for sure. The room will be set up for you to obtain a weapon, put on some safety gear, and take all your frustrations out on objects within the room. This is by far the best release of anger, but not always the most effective.

Kid's Rage Room (Ages 3-12) - A room full of stuffed animals, plastic toys, plastic dishes to throw, paint balls, crayons and markers for the walls, and so much more! Get their RAGE out. Kids get stressed TOO!

Book your room today! Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. 

Rules of Tsunami:

At Tsunami, your safety is our first priority. You must follow ALL rules presented to you before you enter the room. 

There are some things that you will need to know before you begin your Rage:

You must wear long pants, closed toe shoes, long sleeves. Please come prepared with these things. You will not be permitted to enter the room without them.

Protective gear will be given to you upon your arrival. These extra items must be worn at all times within the room.

You must bring some type of identification. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, only to sign the damage waiver. This can be done prior to the day of the Rage, but ONLY in person and with proper ID.

Every room will be on constant video. You can choose to not have it live on the site. You can also choose to have it recorded to take home a copy.

We reserve the right to deny anyone entrance into the Rage Room, even after payment is made, without refund. 

Anyone who appears to be intoxicated in any form will be asked to leave the premises immediately without refund. This is a safety precaution - yours and ours.

You must check-in 30 minutes prior to your Rage session. This allows us time to get you set up and ready to go.

Check below to make an appointment. For now, all rooms must be pre-booked at least 4 hours in advance. Custom Rooms should be booked 72 hours in advance. Please call for more information.

Groups of 4 or more can be booked Wednesday - Sunday by calling us. 936-714-5346 Theresa

Appointments are subject to change. You will be notified via text or call.

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